Capitalising on the Power of a Single Customer

When creating a new product or service, customer attraction is always a big part of the strategy. You need consumers to notice your offering if there is any chance for them to buy it. The issue is that many business owners focus too much on acquiring several customers that they fail to realise it only takes one. Get a single consumer to buy your product or service, and you have accomplished the hardest part of your marketing. Not all entrepreneurs grasp the concept of focusing on one customer and I hope to change that with this post.

The Value of a Single Customer

You may wonder, „how much power does one customer really hold?“ The answer is a lot. That one acquisition can change the fate of your brand completely. If you can convince one consumer to spend money on your product/service, the chances are that you can convince more. Even the foundation of a building begins with the laying of a single stone. Think of this one customer as the foundation. From that single person, you can disseminate your brand’s message to the rest of the target market. Say a worker who is toiling through the day’s tasks gets thirsty at some point. A colleague walks in drinking Sprite. When the worker sees that cold, fresh drink, he sends for one at the nearby shop even though he doesn’t particularly like soda. He just bought it because he felt an urgent need and was influenced by the co-worker. That power is what entrepreneurs look to leverage when marketing.

Insist on Quality

The only way to capitalise on a customer acquisition is if that consumers can spread the word about your product/service. For this to happen, a brand has to be of high standards. Quality means everything when marketing. Firstly, there is the way you package the product or service. The initial interaction that a customer has with your offering should leave a great impression. It may be the glazing on your doughnuts or the arrangement of food on a plate. A good presentation will capture the attention of the consumer. Make a potential customer want to spend money. After attracting the customer, deliver a good quality product or service. Don’t make a customer regret giving your brand time and money.

Be Patient

A business owner can work on earning the loyalty of that first customer and fail. You might entice a consumer to spend money, and the client may fail to return. Any number of things might have gone wrong to dissuade the customer. It doesn’t mean you should give up. Find out what happened. Ask the buyer about their expectations and what you could have done differently. Consumers are not shy to tell brands to improve their offerings, and this helps. Gather feedback on the product quality, service delivery and buyer experience to learn what needs to change. This information will allow you to improve the strategy for the next customer that you try to market to.

One customer can make a significant difference when marketing a brand. Businesses should comprehend the power of a single customer and invest resources into getting the loyalty of early customers.

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

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