How are Digital Platforms & Co-Working Influencing Tomorrow's Workplace?

How are Digital Platforms & Co-Working Influencing Tomorrow’s Workplace?

One of the biggest challenges faced by countries across the globe is the lack of relevant and precise data on the dynamic shift that is already happening in workforces.

One of the phenomena experienced by the advancement of technology is the growing trend of co-working. Co-working is a professional arrangement that provides multiple workers with shared working resources. Over the years, the provision of co-working spaces has grown into a robust industry, thanks to innovations and technology. As co-working continues to be increasingly popular, and as digital technology continue to advance, here is what the future of work will look like globally.

Freelance Economy

Today, freelancers are the largest consumers of co-working spaces. Workforces are already shifting into what is commonly termed as the freelance economy of the future. This is where employees work on multiple projects and for various organisations at a go.

There will be limited provision for people working in offices or the headquarters of a company. Numerous workers working on a regular basis from their desks at work also desire to work from home, at least once in a while.

Remote Working

Remote working is completely different from freelancing. This is in the sense that while freelancers may hop from one job to the other, remote workers work for one organisation, but away from the office.

A significant number of employees of large and small businesses have been working from home or on a mobile basis. However, a good number of those who do not have the allowance for working remotely are looking forward to such a lifestyle of work. Fortunately, that is what the future of work is promising. What this means is that businesses and companies will be investing in co-working spaces not only to save on money but also to adjust to the change in the work landscape.

The ‘Now’ of Work

Most developed countries have already experienced a radical shift in their workforces following the dynamic automation of processes and the adoption of artificial intelligence-driven solutions.

The co-working industry is already growing exponentially, a clear sign that what most of us could be calling ‘the future of work’ is actually here with us. Governments, businesses, and relevant organisations have a mandate to push for the building infrastructure to accommodate the outburst of the already existing change. Most innovators have worked out of the perception of making the world a better place tomorrow.

However, the future will only be suitable for innovators and employees that are ‘now-ists.’ These are people acting to provide solutions that are based on the changes already being experienced today.

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Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

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