Will your Ego be Necessary for the Future of Work?

Will Your Ego be Necessary for the Future of Work?

Work in the future will be quite dynamic, mainly because of the invasion of technology to the work prospect.

Predictions on the future of work indicate that individuals with quality skills, creativity, and passion for work will remain employable. However, what most of these predictions fail to address is the effects of ego on work. Most people working in the future will be technically apt to perform job-related tasks. Failure to manage their egos, however, will result in sabotage of their work.

This is because an ego tends to focus on power, profit, and personal recognition at the expense of work. When work is done only as a means to an end, it yields low-quality performance, which is not good for workers and the company. Here are some tips on how to approach the future of work with less ego.

Working in an Ego-free Environment

It is easy to know when one is working at a place nurturing low or high ego. A place of high ego can be highly destructive to an individual’s career development. An ego-free environment should be able to recognise the ego of a worker and provide avenues and instil values that dissolve it. Choosing such an environment is probably one of the most helpful steps one would have to take for their relevance in the future.

Use of Meditation

Although meditation is seen to be one of the essential tools applied only in Buddhism, it is a virtue that can be applied by individuals of all divides. Ego is said to distort the reality of things, even at the place of work. Mediation will enable workers to focus on things as they are without any strings attached. Most people associate meditation to religion hence finding it to be a difficult practice to adopt. However, meditation is as easy as enjoying moments of quietness and introspection.

Being Grateful and Compassionate

The urges of ego force an individual to downsize and look down on the others. Some of the great minds of history outline that getting into the shoes of other people and taking a look at things in their perspective goes a long way in dissolving the ego. This also includes showing love towards others, including fellow workmates. It is essential to be grateful for what you have, your achievements, and yourself without hurting others. Compassion and gratitude work against and contrary to the ego. Developing self-confidence is a great tool in the pursuit of success. However, self-confidence should always be used in the sense of making the world a better place.

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

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