Is Our Society Ready for an Immense Shift?

Is Our Society Ready for an Immense Shift?

Rapid changes are happening across the globe, from massive technological advancements to growth in population, environmental issues, and shift in the demographics of the workforce. As more changes continue to take place, the passion and desire to work has also changed for most employees. Companies and business owners are also getting ready for the revolution that will take place as far as work is concerned. There is no doubt that we are already setting into the future of work. But what exactly is the future of work, and what will it entail? Read through for more insights.

A Shift in the Concept of Work

Work in the future will not be founded on the concept of ‘job for life’. People will no longer approach careers to receive the paycheck at the end of the month. Work will be based on the ability to undertake multiple projects at a time, freedom to move from one organisation to the other, and the flexibility to shift into a variety of roles. Companies will have to outgo traditional models of retaining skilled employees by adopting curated methods. This shift is contributed by such factors as employee expectations, shortage of skills, and the ability to technologically perform multiple tasks.

Selective Choice of Organisations

Workers in the future will only be attracted to organisations that have what is called ‘reason for being’. Such businesses include those that support creativity and innovation, they are fun to work in, and companies that are adaptive to change. As far as the sustainability of an organisation is concerned, only those with businesses with such a work ecosystem will be successful.

Expansion in Demand for Hybrid Leaders

A shift of how work will be done in the future will come with a radical change in the types of leaders needed. Companies will be looking for leaders that can steer the economy forward even with the foreseen changes in the work landscape. Organisations will precisely be in demand for ‘hybrid’ leaders. Such are leaders who can work across multiple sectors, including public, private, and non-profit making sectors. Hybrid leaders are believed to be the solution to the world’s environmental and social crisis through the use of business skills and solutions.

Workforces will be After Sustainable Growth

The future generation of workers will comprise of individuals that are well-informed in terms of technology. The more advanced technology becomes, the more people will want to learn, gain more skills, and get more knowledge. Companies will need to come up with strategies and programs that promise lifelong growth to their employees.

A Switch of the ‘Always On’ Culture Caused by Technology

Personal development, health, and wellness are some of the aspects that are at jeopardy as a result of the ‘always on’ culture in the workplace. Mobile technology and internet connectivity have been of great benefit to businesses. However, there will be a need for people to maintain what is known as digital well-being. Companies will be taking steps to ensure that employees get their balance right.

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

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