The Future of Advertising will be Integrated


Owning a Business in the 21st century and not thinking of gaining an online presence in this era and time of the internet age is not the best approach as far as high productivity is desired. Every business person would tell you that the primary aim of his/her business is to a make profit. And how do these profits come?. Customers engaging with his products. And how’s that possible? making your business known to your target audience.

So in this article owing to that fact, we’ll be looking at ways we can promote your businesses through different advertising campaigns.

Banner Ads

They first started in 1994 and are therefore almost as old as the Web itself. They were very effective back then, with the original ad garnering a 78% click-through rate (CTR). I guess from there we had nowhere to go but down.

Brand advertisers indicated that their number one objective in online advertising was “creating awareness” followed by “creating purchase intent” or “likelihood to recommend” the product. Yet these seem to be the least effective attributes of banner advertising.

The fundamental problem with banner ads is a condition called “banner blindness” meaning that our eyes are really quickly trained to look at what is most relevant on the page — the chart below which was from eye-tracking research conducted by Jakob shows that our eyes are trained to focus on the text, not the ads.

What does this mean?

From the Image above, in-depth research has found out that entrepreneurs that spend a higher percentage of their advertisement budget on banner ads didn’t get good results at the end of the day. Unlike, website owners and bloggers that may sometime need just traffic to boost their income earned through paid advertisement platforms; an entrepreneur is more after the leads from each campaign. And that being the case, Banner ads don’t drive high amount of leads during his/her ad-campaign as much expected.

However, an interesting ad unit designed to drive up brand engagement and recall is “Solve media“. Brand awareness is key to bolster any business and solve media offers this which definitely gives them an edge over banner ad-units.

Key Focus: Integrated Advertising

Integrated advertising is one of the most effective types of advertising out there. You have to find a way to get your audience to actually “engage” with the content in the way that Solve Media is doing. Likewise, a good entrepreneur will always sort for findings to know what his/her customers have their focus on and use such means to create engagements. Take for instance an entrepreneur owns an automobile factory he can choose to give scholarships to automobile engineering students wanting to pursue their course in the colleges, offering training schemes, creating jobs and the rest of such similar acts in order to get his target audience informed more engaged.

Image-In Ads

Research shows that people tend to interact more with images when added with a unique content; especially captivating ones. This confirmation makes In-Image ads another great form of Integrated media. And this can be practically explained in the e-commerce world has simply showing casing your product/services and adding engaging contents to drive sales for your business.


The advertising industry is sure to change even more in the next ten years than it did in the last ten. Awareness of these advertising and integrated ad media will enable us to unobtrusively deliver relevant ads to targeted consumers while collecting thorough data with whatever exciting new ad technology is available.

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

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