Why You Should Consider Working in Digital Advertising

Why It Matters

Digital advertising is an important part of the economy. In 2017 alone, digital spend in the EU was €48 billion, according to IAB data. Besides that, it has been experiencing steady growth. The 2017 figure represented a 15% increase from the previous year. There is also the fact that the digital ad industry supports over 6 million jobs indirectly.

A New Generation of Talent: Why Graduates Matter

The Grew Up in the Industry

The Gen Y and Z are native of the digital world. They grew up with phones that can access the internet as an extension of their hands. This generation has an easy time understanding how the latest tech and gadgets work without even reading the instruction manuals.

They Know their Wants

This generation knows what they want and their expectations have helped to shape the industry. Besides that, since they grew up with this technology, they understand which area must be improved.

There is Huge Demand for New Talent

In just a decade, the number of people with regular internet access has grown by billions. Today, there are 4.3 billion people with internet access and this creates huge demand to reach out to this mega market. To do this, there is a need to have tech-savvy people at the head of the industry.

More Open Minded

This generation is more open to new ideas and technology. Besides that, they are quite good at dynamic learning in the modern environment. This is especially so compared to past generations that were skeptical about technology.

Why You Should Join the Digital Economy

You are needed. If you get in touch with your local IAB and take their course, it will make you a valuable person in the digital economy.

There is Money

If you have references, it is most likely that you are not Gen Z. Despite this, there are entry positions with a starting salary of $54K. If you have skills such as analytics, the money could be double that.

No 9 to 5 Jobs

In the world of digital ads, there is no work shift and things are always in motion. Thus, there is almost no chance of you being bored when you work in the digital economy.

How to Join

Visits your local agency and/or ad tech provider and learn how you can be trained. Learn what is expected of you from potential employers. After that, start building your CV. In just a short while, you will have the job of your dreams doing what you love.
Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead!

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