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Welcome! My name is Frieder and I am your partner for all questions related to digital marketing, e-commerce, and agency. I have been working in these fields for more than 10 years and have gained extensive experience. With my expertise and creative approach, I support you in realizing your visions and making your dreams a reality. I am your companion and am here to support you with advice and action.

I have already gained experience in various projects in collaboration with the following brands:


About me

I love working with talented people. Alongside my team, we’ve founded highly specialized agencies that have become leading digital talent hubs in Germany. Additionally, I’m a passionate co-founder of a self-care brand. I believe that successful projects only arise when people work together with dedication and expertise.

Whether it’s jet skiing in Spain, snowmobiling in the Polish mountains, or canyoning in the Philippine jungle – I love to collect new experiences and spend my free time on trips with my closest friends. These unique experiences inspire me time and again, giving me strength and motivation to set new goals and achieve them, even in my professional life. I’m grateful for these opportunities.


Publications and media appearances

As an expert in my field, I have been featured in numerous articles and interviews and have shared my views and experiences at conferences and symposia.




One to One

New Business


Vivid Magazin



My Skills

Innovation Design

I love finding creative solutions to complex problems. My ability to develop a deep understanding of different challenges enables me to create innovative solutions. My work involves both the design and implementation of heartfelt projects, both parts of which are equally important to me.


Innovation is when people from different disciplines come together to implement ideas. I am convinced that when people with different skills and perspectives work together, better solutions can emerge. In my work, I am therefore always focused on creating an environment in which interdisciplinary collaboration is possible and desired.


What I enjoy most is motivating and leading teams. I understand how to recognize and use the strengths of each individual in the team to create synergies. My experience has taught me that it is important to set clear goals and create a positive working environment in which everyone can develop their potential.

Let's get talking

I’m often on the road and always look forward to interesting conversations. Use the contact options below to leave me a message or meet me in person – I’m usually in Düsseldorf, Cologne or Munich. Excited to hear from you.

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